Bump casts are a wonderful keepsake of your pregnancy, a beautiful way of capturing the bond between mother and baby. Your bump cast is a lasting reminder of the precious time you carried your baby and all the changes your body has undergone. You can use your cast in your newborn session if you wish, to show how your little miracle was curled up inside that tiny space.  

The process takes around 30 minutes and is very gentle, involving the expectant mother to relax and sit comfortably. A barrier cream is smeared over bump and any other areas to be cast, layers of warm, wet plaster bandage are used to form a belly mask. After a short time the cast will begin to harden and is carefully removed. The plaster bandages do not shrink as they harden and will not restrict mother or baby.

Your cast will then be stored away allowing it to harden and will be hand finished with 14 days all ready for you to proudly display.

Why not book a maternity session at the same time.